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Building Houses


We welcome all those who wish to call Manteca home, but we cannot ignore the needs of new and longtime Mantecans. I propose revising the existing growth management ordinance so that the city’s growth is consistent with its ability to maintain desired public service levels. In addition, a greater focus is needed towards economic development to bring more commerce and high-paying jobs and career centers to our city.

Fire Station Interior


We must continue to make sure that our police officers and firefighters have the resources to keep our community safe. Over the last four years, we have added nine new police officers, bringing Manteca closer to the goal of one officer per 1,000 residents. Supporting our public safety and ensuring they have the resources they need will be one of my highest priorities for the next four years.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


We have secured funding for a Navigation Center in Manteca that will help get homeless individuals off our streets and redirected to job training and medical services to get them the help they need to get back on their feet. I am in favor of strengthening our anti-camping ordinance to ensure safe streets for homeowners and local business owners.

Countryside Road


In my last campaign, I pledged to make improving our local infrastructure one of my highest priorities. I am proud to say we are moving forward with fixing our roads. Several new roadway improvements have been completed, more are underway, and we have secured more revenue to make sure that we continue fixing and improving the roads that Mantecans depend on.

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